cosmotecho )))
7. March 2014, 16-18h as part of Sound Surrounds at the Theatre forecourt in Freiburg, Germany. Cosmotecho ))) - live act in the public space - sounds from outer space.
By Denis Handschin, Stefan Rudin and Michel Winterberg.

Anima Perplexa
11. January - 8. March 2014, Saturday 16 - 18h and by appointment at the Hebel_121 in Basel. Vernissage 11. January 2014, 16 - 18h >>>


Regionale 14 – Ma(r)king Territories
1. December 2013 - 5. January 2014, Ma(r)king Territories at the House of Electronic Arts Basel. >>> Argus Eyes


Insert: Stall
20.- 23. September 2013, group exhibition “Insert: Stall” at the Ausstellungsraum Klingental.

BYOB Basel
24. August 2013, 18-23:59pm, Bring Your Own Beamer Basel at the House of Electronic Arts Basel.

metoso – the interactive dance performance
by Michel Winterberg and Heidi Köpfer


metoso is an interactive audio-visual installation. The dancer and choreographer Heidi Köpfer creates a dialogue with this installation between sound and movement. >>>
14. July 2013, 6pm and 8pm at Space Record - Exhibition in the “Grosse Halle der Reitschule Bern”, Switzerland. metoso is also exhibited for visitors during the 11. - 14. July 2013.

Foto by Rolf Bürgin

cosmotecho )))
2. August 2013, 9pm, KUNSTpause, Zug, Switzerland
22. June 2013 liveact with Denis Handschin, Stefan Rudin, Michel Winterberg at
Château des fout, Château de Fougerette, Étang-sur-Arroux, France

Um die Ecke


The Mixed Media-Installation “Um die Ecke” by Denis Handschin and Michel Winterberg >>>

- WRO 15th Media Art Biennale in Wrocław, Poland, 9. May - 16. June 2013
- House of Electronic Arts Basel, Switzerland, Regionale 13, 25. Nov. 2012 - 6. Jan. 2013

Platz für Neues – Interaktive Videoinstallation


Consistent with the opening of the International Design Fair Blickfang on 2012, there was at the same time the vernissage in the Carambolage of the interactive video installation. >>>

Wartezeiten in Organisationen und künstlerische Intervention

Forschungsprojekt der Hochschule der Künste Bern und des Schweizerischen Nationalfonds.
Interaktive Videoinstallation «Warteschatten» für die handlungseinladende Raumintervention, programmiert von Michel Winterberg. >>>

Nimmersatt – das Spiel mit den Hungrigen
interactive mechanical sound installation


Nimmersatt – das Spiel mit den Hungrigen, interactive mechanical sound installation
Brockenbude Glubos in 2012, Basel, Switzerland >>>

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